Rosemary Connors

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Talk about a late starter, my name is Rosemary. I took up painting at the young age of 53, and yes I surprised myself. Never know I could paint, I have always had an interest in art and wished that I could paint.Never too old to learn new things.
I am an Aboriginal women from the Kullilli Tribe of far west Queensland Thargomindah area, in particular Dynevor Downs. My tribe along with many others were moved to Barambah mission, now known as Cherbourg Aboriginal community.
I paint under the name of "Gabby D". Gabby was the nickname of my mother and the "D" for Dynevor. Sadly i never grew up with my mother and this is one way of acknowledging her and her strength. My journey was in the foster system with wonderful foster parents, as a young person i commenced my own journey of self discovery, working with and within Aboriginal schools and communities throughout Queensland (the only place to live) this journey continues to provide me with knowledge and connection to a strong and oldest living culture in the world.
Being new to the art world I am exploring colour and design and relating these to Aboriginal culture and traditions, and my own personal journey.